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Recently we have explored the Apps for Office API and have found it to be an excellent platform for management information specialists in performing their analysis and presentation functions.

In particular, for those of you who would like to improve their cash forecasting and cash analysis intelligence we have designed an Application for Excel known as a task pane application. Recognizing that an impediment to effective analysis in the Excel (Power Pivot) and SQL Server (SSAS) environment is the fact that BAI and BTRS files don’t easily lend themselves to analysis due to structures that are dictated by legacy compatibility concerns. Most banks make the information available in other formats such as CSV but the attempt by the banks to report all transactions in one CSV table is cumbersome and typically requires additional conversion by the analyst.

Our application converts Bank files from their BAI (Bank Administration Institute) and BTRS (Bank Transaction Reporting System) formats into Excel Tables, separate CSV structures and XML files. The XML output is accompanied with a fully deterministic schema that allows SQL Server XQuery analysis down to the element text property.

Bank File Conversions Software

A Software Product Utilizing the Application for Office Framework.

The Bank File Conversion application is now in the Apps for Office Store here.  The application is ideal for accountants, financial officers and analysts in 5 languages including French, German, Spanish, Japanese and English. You can find a user guide and more information about the application at

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