About Us

Originally operating as a training company in the automobile dealership industry, we have expanded over the years into a multi-faceted firm that consults, develops software, and designs management information systems for automobile dealerships, healthcare providers and other professional services companies. We consider ourselves experts in the ADP (now CDK Global) Dealership Management System (DMS) data model. We know what information is available in the ADP DMS and how to get at it, analyze it and present it to improve your operations.

John Donnelly became a Certified Public Accountant in California in 1984 and became the partner in charge of Management Advisory Services at Borbely and Donnelly CPAs in Culver City California. The firm had at one time over 100 automobile dealership clients. Today, Mr. Donnelly continues his career serving in an executive capacity in financial and general management.

Mr. Donnelly has since become a Microsoft Partner and develops software and custom solutions for his clients in many industries.

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