We Need To Know

The Question is How

It is so very important to your success to know what's going on with your employees and customers. The problem has always been: do I spend my time looking at past history (even if only yesterday) or do I manage the store to maximize sales today?

We at AST are here to make sure you have everything you need, when you need it. That includes reporting in the broadest sense of the word. First, we specialize in methods of reporting that make sense, not the traditional volumes of paper or static Excel spreadsheets. Second, we automate the report e.g., notifying you of an important event such as an employee dropping a call or an "up".

Dealerships are coming of age and enjoying the incredible availability of information to the dealer or manager. John Donnelly and AST are ready to rock your world. We at AST have data science expertise to find the important facts about your dealership and we have the software development expertise to make the data connection and extraction happen right now. We also have the knwowledge and skill to present the information in the most efficient and time effective way. We serve data (effectively reported) via text, email, SharePoint, Excel, Twitter, YouTube, and you-name-it on your phone, PC, Mac, TV, Billboard or wherever you might want it.

It is a wonderful time to be in business because the risk of operating a dealership is minimized when you know intimately what is happening in your store. In the past, we had to work all day and pour over reports all night. We had to purchase one-off third party tech solutions to try to get more efficient and then, if we didn't monitor the 3rd party tech solution, we would keep paying while employees stopped using it. Our expenses would balloon up and one day we would cancel and find another third party tech solution: rinse, repeat.

The solution sounds simple but as most of us know, it is not. There are so many firms doing wonderful things in tech that you need someone to talk to that monitors and understands what is possible in your pursuit of excellence. That's us.

We focus on automating processes that you would like to have, and do, but can't. Because it would just be too expensive to hire all the folks you would need to make it happen. Dealers and Managers responsible for making it happen need this don't they? You have to run a killer sales contest but its a bust because we don't know how to get the results out to motivate the salespeople and their spouses. You have to include the spouse right? That vacation to Hawaii is going to be their second honeymoon.

In the past I would task someone with keeping the contest statistics on a spreadsheet, updating the white board and giving me the report before the sales meeting. No updates to the spouse, no email or text updates at random moments to the employees to spur them on. What is wrong with this picture?

You need it to just happen. We do that; the code is already written. We hook up to your DMS and extract everything we need every hour of the day, seeing who has sold what and at what stage the deal is, and BAM! the right text, or email, or robocall, goes out to keep everyone in the loop.

Call me now at (702) 498-8777 and in a short conversation I will give you an overview of how the magic happens and how surprisingly cost effective it is.

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John Donnelly