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If I Don’t Get on the Scale, I’m not Overweight...

This is why we build effective, interactive, comparative reporting for the dealership.

05/21/2022 John Donnelly
Have Your Best Year Ever

Time to start using your data to supercharge your store's performance.

04/12/2022 John Donnelly
Online Reporting with Office 365

Get performance stats out efficiently with online reporting and automated data refresh.

02/16/2022 John Donnelly
Managing Customer Satisfaction in Real-Time

Leverage your DMS' data and Microsoft technology to make sure the customer is taken care of properly.

12/26/2021 John Donnelly
Selling Cars Online

The best car buying experience is at the dealership, just not your dealership.

12/01/2021 John Donnelly
CDK GLobal Expertise - Your Team, Making You More Money

With a little help from us in the initial setup, a dealership manager (whether it be the Dealer, the GM or a Department Manager or all of the above), will have access through Excel to a level of understanding of their operation heretofore unknown in the car business...

11/28/2021 John Donnelly
Auto Dealerships Need Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is simply Microsoft Excel used in a new way. A way that takes a little help to set up but is extremely simple to use thereafter...

11/25/2021 John Donnelly
Compensation Plans

Important concepts to understand about developing dealership compensation plans.

11/16/2021 John Donnelly
The Perfect CFO for the Automobile Dealership Group

The cornerstone of the successful financial management of automobile dealership groups is the CFO...

10/21/2021 John Donnelly
Dealerships Need Data Access through APIs

Having API access to your data is imperative to improving performance and cutting costs.

10/06/2021 John Donnelly
Being Everywhere in the Dealership at Once

Know you can be aware of everything without having to be everywhere.

09/29/2021 John Donnelly
The "Poor Man's" CDK Global Business Intelligence

The idea is to create a share folder with all these flat files whether CDK Global originated or manually gathered and use this "repository" as a data source to create a data warehouse in the Excel data model...

03/13/2021 John Donnelly
Dealership Operations Reporting

In the dealerships our management team needs to spend most of their time where the action is, not in their offices analyzing reports...

10/13/2020 John Donnelly
Advice for the Toxic Manager

"If you have hired and fired hundreds of people over the last few years the problem isn't the employees, its you. Get some training. Try Dale Carnegie Training or anything."

08/26/2019 John Donnelly
Don't Strangle the Store

When a dealership is a loser, budget adequate working capital to allow it to recover...

12/10/2018 John Donnelly